With this practice, we use sound and thought waves together; they sink in deeply to bring a lasting change and healing on a spiritual plain and their impact is most effective when combined with the set intention for healing. This Sanskrit Mantra meditation keeps repeated by a practitioner from 27 up to 108 times (the sacred number). The healing comes at the subconscious level, where our anxieties, depression and fears begin, says Dr. David Fraley. Because of today's busy world, people keep forgetting about their spiritual development and, therefore, are severely affected by the problems of an outside world. We perceive this world as our own reality, although the truth only exists inside.

Mantra meditation can work for those suffering from anxiety, depression, grief, stress, fears as well as for achieving a state of bliss, joy, unconditional love, happiness and the divine connection with the Universe. And the good thing is that everyone can do it at any given moment, as long as you have a comfortable and safe space to practice for as little as 20 minutes.

Meditations with mantras come from Ayurveda and originated in India. As famous for its herbal medicines the most important treatment that Ayurveda offers is Sound healing or Yoga of Sound. There are incredible, practical as well as fascinating benefits that can be seen when chanting if practiced on a regular basis. If it takes time to achieve visible results through meditation, the effects from chanting can be seen as soon as the first session is concluded.

Dr. Harrison Graves, an expert in mantric meditation, supports his teachings with extensive research about how chanting may positively affect our physiological state.
Some benefits are discussed as follows:

– Normalizing blood pressure,

– Boosting Immune system

– Lowering of cortisone levels (stress hormones)

– Balancing adrenalin level and brain waves

– Producing the neuro-linguistic effect, or NLE in one's body (brings the nervous system down through stabilization of "happy" chemicals)

– Bringing sense of peace and tranquility.