“Smell the roses”

“Make the time to stop and smell the roses” they say..
Well, not necessarily the roses, but dedicating some time to enjoy the nature is definitely a good idea. Nowadays, we are locked up inside of our phones, tv, and even our heads. We tend to miss the life around. And we forget that life means ALIVE… Therefore, it can only be experienced through the other living “things” we are surrounded by. But because we have it there at our disposal, we take it for granted… We complain “the sun is burning hot today and I can’t deal with this weather anymore” or “oh I can’t get rid of these weeds in my garden” or “some animals keep making mess in my backyard”.. Now, let’s imagine our life without sun or greens or animals at all.. How is that for a change?

Stopping the erratic flow of thoughts in our heads and enjoying the simplest things is truly hard… But nothing will be more beneficial then to declutter our priorities. Let’s find joy in plants, trees, the ocean, the sun or a sunset, stars, animals, insects; the list is endless. It’s fascinating to see how much we can learn from all of them.. Actually, much more than how much we learn from overthinking… Did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that plants read our intentions?! In the book called “The secret life of plants”, it’s been discussed in-depth. If flora and fauna are not something you indulge, try focusing on your kids, partner or parents… Yes, they will not be there forever.. Or we won’t…

Mondays are tough enough… But planning time to rest our mind, to appreciate nature, and to enrich our hearts will start the week right.

And, I love you!