Expectation is a sin!!

Well, it’s not really a sin. However, it’s one of the things in our human experience, that can be considered an error. There are, of course, some healthy expectations that are needed. But they can much rather be called intentions.

How often do we have an amazing time and then, by trying to repeat it, we can’t even get close to what we had?? Every experience is absolutely unique… It brings new feelings to our lives. Enjoying everything that comes our way, the variety of emotions, experiences, encounters is an absolute gift. And the same time it’s a skill to allow ourselves to not get stuck.

Setting expectations may ruin that fresh experience. Especially, if it will not go the way we want. A great example is a modern wedding, where brides are trying to impress their guests more than they are actually enjoying the moment. They want everything to be PERFECT! What happens when something doesn’t go the way it was planned? A small thing can cause a disaster. It’s just so unnecessary and tiring…

How willing are you to let go of expectations? What if what’s waiting ahead is even better than you imagined?

And, I love you!