What about self-love?

Self-acceptance is a number 1 task on our personal and spiritual journey. If we don’t master this one successfully, there will be no other. When we send multiple negative comments to ourselves, we refuse to acknowledge the divine plan that we created for ourselves together with the Universe. How often do we do that?? ALL THE TIME. “Oh I have to lose weight”. “my accent is horrible”. “I am so stupid”. By sending that negative charge to the universe we are saying big fat “NO”! But the universe doesn’t know what we are saying “no” to. Those perceived flaws and imperfections are, in fact, our divine signature. We created ourselves exactly the way we are to learn to accept ourselves, and to rise above those set limitations.

️And that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t see those errors in ourselves that we can fix, thus promoting self-improvement. But by truly accepting the things we don’t like first, we are able to change those errors with love and gentleness. ️

If we’re not able to except ourselves, we will never be able to except anyone else. If we’re not able to truly love the only person we will have relationships with till the rest of our lives, we will NEVER be able to love anyone else unconditionally. And without unconditional love, the relationships will not unfold beautifully.

There is an easy homework that can be difficult at first but will bring positive results when practiced, that is to look at yourself in the mirror every day and say to yourself “you look really good today”, “you are perfect and I love you” etc.. And another task is to learn to accept positive comments from other people, accept compliments. Own those good things, take them in and INHALE them. They are yours!!!

And, I love you!