People don’t treat you right? Read this

Feel the lack of love from some people around?? Happy people, strong people, enlightened people will support you in everything!! Because they are fulfilled with their own life and know their value. They are enough… They are on purpose. Putting others down/ ignoring / judging etc. are all the things that we do only when we are not in a right place. See for yourself; when you are truly happy about life, feel blessed, happy and free, have a fulfilling job, love your appearance , open to wonderful insights, your financial situation is enough, would you ever get bothered by something or someone? If you say you will, then you are not truly happy…

Happy people are just that: happy! They are filled with unconditional love and positive regard, empathy and compassion and are only here to share those feelings. They see divinity in everything and everyone!

Conclusion is simple; if that love and acceptance doesn’t come from others around, it’s not because of you. And we have 2 choices; we either guide them into experiencing our state of being (by our own example), or let them be, as this is their own journey. Sometimes just holding space is the most loving thing we can do for those struggling.

And, I love you!