Are you really my reflection???

I would like to talk more about being reflections of one another, being one etc. I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions that people develop about this topic. YES, we are ONE, YES, love is the answer, YES, we have the same essence, YES, MOST of the time we experience lessons through conflicts that we have with other people as we can see what areas of our lives we still have to master. Service to others has so much beauty and depth in it! But not to forget, regardless of what level of spiritual development we are on at this moment, EVERYONE has things to work on.

All of us are prone to such things as anger, envy, resentment, guilt, blame, manipulation, boredom, negativity etc. The only time we are free of those things is when we live on a mountain with absolutely no people around or are simply dead.

So No, there is no person who is fully spiritually enlightened, although a lot of people claim that. Our personalities, however, are different. And our souls/spirits have different energies running through them. Human experiences help us restore the karmic balance (I will talk about that some other time), and expand our souls through a variety of lessons. So NO, it’s not always that we are reflections of others or they are ours. NO, we don’t have to accept or tolerate someone’s abusive/manipulative behavior and NO, not all the time we should dig into someone else’s negativity to even try to distinguish what is wrong with us through them.

And we have the right to protect ourselves when “attacked” by someone. Some people just pass by through our lives without necessarily bringing much of information or spiritual insights. And a lot of times the only lesson we can learn is how to stand up for ourselves and get the hell out. So, please, focus on those who make you a better person without any harm.. You have a right to be happy, healthy and most importantly safe.

And, I love you!