Couch break we all need

Found yourself on a couch with the best friend named #netflix by your side while feeling like you haven’t done enough?? That’s OK, especially, if this is not your everyday routine. If you are like me trying to manage 1001 projects, and feel like you have to keep going no matter what, then you probably don’t just TAKE breaks.. you find yourself in the middle of a break when your body refuses to keep going. Inspiration is asleep, motivation only brings you to your bed and many people around play on your nerves a bit harder than usual.. Our body needs real rest sometimes… and it needs NOT to THINK, CREATE, TALK or may be even MOVE at all…

Self-care it’s the most important thing that one can do to avoid a burnout. And this is something that has to be practiced on a regular basis to balance the demands of a daily life and sanity. However, the longer you postpone to pause and reflect, the longer your breaks may take you to recover; no matter how hard you push yourself, it’s just not going anywhere good. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said “there is a time to be ahead and there is a time to be at peace”.

It’s OK to give yourself that well-deserved break and do absolutely nothing. Sending yourself on a guilt trip because you spend a day or two on a couch will not give you a great quality break and a productive outcome. But when you allow yourself to go deep into your mini mental getaway, you come back with a sharper, more insightful, energetic and, most importantly, more rested and productive mind ever.

A healthy mind means a healthy body and then your Soul has a balanced vessel to keep pursuing its purpose! Another practical exercise if your guilt monster creeps up on you; get a piece of paper and a pen, and write down what tasks were completed to remind yourself how much you have accomplished. And remember, if you already collapsed on this lazy couch, that will most likely mean that you’ve done more than enough! Celebrate it! As We can only do that when we stop, reflect and acknowledge our victories!

And, I love you!