100% for everything you do!

Decades ago, people didn’t experience many shifts in life; most of them had one marriage, one-two careers and didn’t care much about changing that situation. Today, because of available options, endless possibilities and human ambitions, people are able to develop their professional identity through series of career changes; they experience not only multiple jobs in their lifetime, but also careers from completely different areas of expertise.

But we all start with something. And work is essential for our soul; we discipline ourselves in order to get to know the price and the reward of labor. That’s exactly why, multimillionaires continue working even when their businesses are up and running without any involvement on their part.

No matter what we do in life; serving in a food court, cleaning apartments, completing administrative duties, or performing on stage we have to do it 100%! Not 30, 50, or even 85, but 100! What we give out to the universe, we will get back. With such dedication to anything we take on in life, we will succeed at everything we will plan in the future, we are appreciated, acknowledged, and respected by those we work with and are fully equipped when new opportunities present themselves. And, it should not depend on whether or not we have someone standing on top of us to make sure that the job is done. True work ethics are best seen when no one is watching.

And, I love you!