Chaos is it good or bad?

All of us without exception have to face multiple chaoses in life. A lot of times, we perceive such experiences as painfully rough and resist the change when it comes. Dr. Beaulieu dedicated a large part of his life to studying sound healing, vibration and energies and came to an extraordinary conclusion supported by extensive research. For more information refer to his book Human Tuning.

As it’s known, every form that appears to be solid is a geometric pattern and is sustained by underlying tone or vibration. In every geometric scheme, there is always an area, where vibration comes to a zero. And, by carefully observing the direction of that movement, we will see that it will be moving towards that zero point; it’s kind of been pulled in. This zero state also called a node, attractor or a still point, is a place where the transformation of energy takes place. That’s exactly why meditation or other practices that allow us to come to a ZERO state are so helpful in discovering the reality of life, the true self, the Divine.

For an energy field, to transform into something new, it has to fall apart first, and that’s how every pattern becomes disorganized or chaotic right before it reaches that zero point. Dr. Beaulieu provides 2 definitions of the chaos; one is how we usually perceive it; as a nightmare, bad luck or “going against the grain” and another definition is “the infinity of space or formless matter supposed to have preceded the existence of the ordered universe”. Chaos is a natural part of life, it’s expected and needed for us to change old and not suitable ways to the new and higher states of consciousness. Resisting chaos may hold us back when we are trying to reach that state of zero and then reform ourselves into a new energetic pattern.

And, I love you!