What is happiness?

How do you define what happiness means for you? Every person will have a different definition of it. There are a lot of people who say that they will be happy when they achieve a set goal. Something like getting education, losing weight, buying a house, finding a true love…

However, if we look at those statements closely, then we can see the limitations that go along with that.. So if we will only be happy when those goals are achieved, then on the way to those goals will we be unhappy??? And when we achieve those goals, happiness will not last long, just like any other feeling in life.

Being happy means living my life with purpose! Then every step of that way will have a meaning. And every day is filled with happiness. Living with purpose means growing and giving. Growing is progress, it’s fundamental to our development. If we don’t grow we feel stuck. And giving means being of service, contributing, which is why all of us are here.

Find your purpose, grow and give, and therefore, be happy!

And, I love you!