The light inside

What is real and what is not?? Where does a healing take place? Sometimes we are going through life without thinking that many of our actions are damaging to our body, mind and soul.

Sin does not exist.. But we do contaminate ourselves with unnecessary things like excessive eating, alcohol consumption, unhealthy drugs, anger, jealousy, envy.. In reality we don’t even need it.

… And when we search for light, we will find it!

For some it might take years, or ages… It might be a long and lonely road, but we will find it.

It might be so painful to search for it through the darkness, but we have to believe that we will find it.. Because this light is there with us even when we don’t see or feel it.

It supports us through the very bad and hurtful times.. It’s there to comfort us when the pain is unbearable… And it’s just waiting for us to finally see it and to fully dive into it.

Let it IN!

And, I love you!