Why Suffering?

Why suffering??? When we fly all the time, we get used to it so quickly, we get bored and need a change of actions to want to fly again. We stop enjoying it when we have an easy access to what we love so dearly. Suffering is inevitable. No matter what it is or what is the cause of it – all of us suffer. There can be no comparison about who’s life’s circumstances are worse than another; we all have difficult and at times unbearable moments and it’s painful, uncomfortable and tragic.

But accepting that pain and discomfort and knowing that one day it will pass, is what has to be remembered.. The same as the joy of flying or happiness will also be gone; it will not remain forever.

Only when we learn to know the suffering and give in to the idea of it being in our life, we can watch it transmuting into beautiful and necessary experience, through which a true happiness can be then indulged.

What brings us down, makes us wanna fly..

And, I love you!