Taking care of humanness inside of us.

Life’s experiences can bring the best in us. But the reality can be harsh, and it becomes normal to lose touch with the positive aspects of human existence; we observe it in others and go through many troubles ourselves… And a lot of times, we become no better than those people we ever despised; we get often upset, angry and even hating everyone and everything around..

Sometimes, by acknowledging our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we stare in a mirror and try to recognize the person that is in front of us, but simply cannot.. Yes, life can be pretty damn difficult… But that’s the idea; to be able to nurture our humanness even when it feels like there is very little of it left. We have to tune into the heart once again, and to reconnect to that part of us that seems to be shutting down. Those who ever hurt us – are hurting themselves. Yes, not everyone is our friend, but not everyone is our enemy either. Life will bring us to our tribe very soon, and for now, let’s just align with that field of good; it’s waiting and always accessible.
Nurture yourself today. Meditate on gratitude and on that loving energy of your heart ♥️

It’s there, always was, and always will be, and it’s waiting for us to nurture it and to make it grow once again and even stronger.

And, I love you!