Gentleness in our thoughts

Such rapid development of technology and advancements in science made our life a lot better. Especially, when we use it right. But despite all of good that our world now possesses, we can’t deny the fact that severe personal and spiritual crisis is observed. Although we are supposed to feel better with many enhancements that bring comfort and satisfaction, we feel unreasonably unease on many levels.

There are many reasons for why we are feeling this way.

One of them is our thinking. Every day we get overstimulated by everything around; kids, partners, job, health, pets, personal projects, school, social media, news, movies, other people’s lives. We want to do everything and we want to do it now. Quite frankly, we are not able to complete all of the desired tasks and feel overwhelmed.. However, the world never stops and we get to feel like that all over again the next day, and then the day after that. It’s normal to feel like we are at fault for not doing enough and may even feel worthless and significantly suffer from our rapidly dropping self-esteem. Such punishment takes place in our heads.

Take your time today to observe what kinds of thoughts are running through your head. What are you thinking? Is it positive or negative? Is it kind or harsh? Notice your self-criticism and refuse to give in to it. As soon as a negative thought comes in – change it!

By changing our erroneous thinking we will be able to feel better. Think gentle thoughts; thoughts of compassion towards yourself and others, thoughts of acceptance of that what we can’t change, thoughts of love towards yourself despite unfulfilled unrealistic expectations. Because most of the time our expectations are just that. Approach to recognize damaging thoughts is called cognitive therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
Be gentle in your thoughts today!

And, I love you!