What to do after enlightenment?

There are a lot of opinions on how life will look like after the “spiritual enlightenment”. Especially, by working with sacred medicines, expectations for our life to change after a new and divine perspective may be high. Some successful business people are afraid of ever doing such spiritual retreats due to a possible shift that their life may go through; they say “What if I will quit my job, abort my family and hang from a tree in a jungle?” Although this is one of possibilities, it is not likely to happen overnight (the chances are pretty low).

Any encounter of divinity in our lives will definitely challenge the way we look at things; it will give us a new perspective and possible ways to follow in order to strengthen this new way of consciousness. However, it may not necessarily change the life’s circumstances we live under. But even living and functioning under the same circumstances, life itself will be different because our inner world has changed, shifted. We WILL become different and our view on things will be altered by the new and divine perspective, even if nothing around us has changed. But this is, a blessing on its own!

As the quote goes “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

And, I love you!