Declaring and allowing

People reach out to me to get an understanding of why their mediation is not working and what they are doing wrong… In such cry for help, I already hear the judgement they have towards their spiritual meditative practice. Some of them are trying to hard, some are not able to let go of control, and most do not allow themselves to go deep just as they don’t feel worthy of divinely connecting to the universal field.

Inside of everyone of us is that magical force, that energy which is often times spend on unimportant things; we worry about the future, are concerned about what someone said to us today or regret things from the past (which is the worst, since we can’t change it). Instead of being present and mindful during the meditation, we are everywhere else but here…
The good news is, we are capable and strong enough to change it! When going into the meditation, here are some useful tips to center yourself:

1. Prepare yourself to go deep and your surroundings to be peaceful (light an incense, no distractions aka no phones, no kids, no pets. This is your time so get selfish!!! At least for 20-30 minutes a day)
2. Relax your body; tense it first for few moments and then let go completely! All of the muscles, every joint. Melt into your chair or a bed.
3. Set intention for the meditation (healing, peace, love, connection, answers).
4. DECLARE your energy to come HOME. Identify all of those thoughts that are preventing you to go deep; see how much energy is spent to keep thinking about it (it’s exhausting), and pull it back to you! That’s YOUR energy! Untangle it lovingly and bring it back into your body, into your center. Some of the thoughts and issues we cling so tightly to are important (like children, partner, job), but others are absolutely unnecessary. At least for the time of the meditation, and no matter what the issues are, declare your energy to come home.
5. ALLOW yourself to connect to the universal energy field! Simply state the following or something similar that resonates with you; “ I allow myself to connect with the Divine Source now. I am present, I am worthy and I am listening”!
6. Once the intention, declaration and allowance are set – Let it go!! And meditate! Enjoy the process.

Declaring and allowing made a huge difference in my own practice. It was useful for many people I guide, especially when someone gets stuck with their practice. Remember, you HAVE control over your energy. But there is no need to control it FORCEFULLY or demand it to happen; simply declare it and allow it to be guided by the Divine wisdom with your permission.

And, I love you!