Why femininity is so underrated?

There are so many females, who try to develop their masculine side.

It’s crucial for everyone, regardless of their gender, to be in-tune with both masculine and feminine sides, because both parts compliment one another in incredible ways. Because of our past, women still have to fight for equality, and even though it’s been acknowledged, it’s rarely practiced as it should. But it’s not the topic for this discussion.

Before the patriarchy was established, the matriarchy was passionately practiced nearly everywhere. The shamans and healers were women, Gods were equal fertility, e.g. femininity, females were respected, honored and listened to. There were power, peace, and wisdom combined in it. But it wasn’t the power we know it today; who is stronger, better, has a thick skin to overcome challanges… That power was meant to give love, comfort, connection to the divine, gentleness to each other, and care for others… And everything else that today is considered to be a weakness… Women try to be more like men because the society says that’s where the strength is. But this is not so.

Women have incredible capacity to feel, that’s why they are so emotional. They are vulnerable, intuitive, sensitive, understanding, loving, giving, compassionate, empathetic, gentle.. Those are the true strengths. It doesn’t mean that one will be flimsy because of such qualities. It’s hard to be a woman who is not afraid of her femininity. However, there definitely are a lot of things to learn from men as well, and to develop when working on the masculine side. Such qualities like rationality, logic, planning, stability, protection can all benefit women at many turns in life. The same goes for men. The best businessmen are those, who not only trust their knowledge, logic and education, but also their intuition; this quality is feminine by nature.

And that’s ok not to feel the discussed qualities at all. The problem comes when one has those qualities, but is afraid of them or even worse, considers it a weakness. Embrace all that you are!

And, I love you!