Winning over one’s self

Winning over oneself. Isn’t that the greatest achievement? We all want to be better, to overcome the thresholds that we face every day. But.. none of those thresholds would be as scary if we would have a full control over ourselves. And it is possible. Actually, our emotions and thoughts are the only things we can ever have control over. We live in the world today where everyone likes to get even. We say “if you do this to me, I ll do it back to you and it will be much worse”. “Eye for an eye” is a slogan of many people nowadays. The scariest part is that we begin doing it unconsciously… Which also means that we are absolutely unaware of what’s going on inside..

Becoming conscious, domesticating our ego, getting to know how we can handle ourselves or simply stay mindful throughout the day are some amazing and useful skills. Then we realize that staying calm during the worst situations or by dealing with the rudest and the most unpleasant people is the hardest thing we can do. Everyone can be rude back. Everyone can be ignorant and even nasty.. That’s easy and requires no effort whatsoever.

Becoming better means doing the work and growing despite how difficult it might be.

And, I love you!