How often do we really feel jealous?

How often do we really feel jealous?

The question no one ever asks one’s self. And it’s understandable. For many of us it’s too painful to admit that our life is worse than someone else’s. And our inborn instinct tells us to avoid the pain at any cost. But in reality this question hunts us down many times a day every day. Why? Because as many times as we have an opportunity to scroll down the social media accounts or news we are comparing ourselves to those people we see. It might not even be a conscious action; the thought might just pop up for a second. Especially in those days when nothing goes right, and we have enough of those days, we look at smiley faces of our fellow friends and realize that we are actually more unhappy then we thought.

“Why did it happen to me?”

“Why he/she looks so happy?”

“They are not better than me at all… Why they have a happy life?”

These are some of the rhetorical questions that often bring us down. In reality, our “happy” friends might not even be so. Even when the life sucks we don’t like to admit it and tend to show everyone how great our life actually is. Our generation made it OK to always stay well and happy and NOT OK to complain about life. And if in many cases stop complaining is actually a good method to snap yourself out of a pity party, feeling down sometimes is totally acceptable, as well as sharing with people who care is considered to be a healthy thing. But.. Coming back to the topic.

We are so trained now days to get a quick fix from picking on such social media as Facebook or Instagram that we don’t even notice how much time is spent on, literally, nothing. And this “nothing” brings us only thoughts of being or having not enough. Believe it or not, each time we look at someone’s happy face, we will have a very quick but striking thought about why do they have such an amazing life and not me?..

Anyone will feel jealous in these circumstances. Now you tell me, how often do you feel jealous?

Also, to put some of your current thoughts to rest: if you are checking social media often, it means that you are missing something from your own life. People, who are truly happy and satisfied with the way they live, don’t have a need to be on social media often. They are too busy enjoying their experiences and building their reality.


And, I love you!