Whatever is inside – is out NOW..

Looking at what’s happening around today, we can see people divided into 2 group; those who strive to help during this uneasy time and those who literally hate everyone around..
In reality, it’s not the time itself that provokes us to act from a disgrace, it’s what’s hidden in the depths of our being and longs to get out when penetrated harshly. Any crisis is the best time to see what we carry in our minds and hearts..
If we’ve observed someone acting from a loveless space, don’t take it personally. We can’t even imagine how much pain such people carry around to act with hatred or rudeness towards others. They lash out maybe ones in a while, but they hold those feeling inside until the end of their lives if they don’t start their healing process. It’s sad to not being able to release such feelings from within. It’s scratching and burning and it hurts like hell..
And there are those, whose kindness is overwhelming. They will share the last piece of what they have, they will do everything they can to comfort and support. This unconditional love is shining even brighter during the times of hardship; it’s peace and faith in any process, as it all comes from the Divine. And those acts of grace and compassion will always be rewarded. 
So who are you today? What do you carry around in your heart and mind? What do your actions show? Is it a time of healing for you? Or is it a time to continue giving? 
Observe and trust the process. 
You know your truth. 
And, I love you!