Even if I fall…

Even if I fall… or better is to say when I fall, I always trust that force within to guide me back up. In my life I didn’t have that many people I was very close to. The ones I had left my life in a very disappointing way.. But I always believe that there is a meaning even in such overwhelming situations like our loved ones’ betrayal, leaving, not caring when we are hurting …Those moments are great teachers that lead us to believe in something greater than our abilities to cope; something bigger than those problems we are facing and something more powerful than any other force we’ve ever known… and the most importantly, it guides us to find it nowhere else, but within ourselves. The worst situations in life mean that our Soul and the Great Spirit are working in unison all over again to bring us to a new and a higher level of spirirual development on this complicated journey.

And, I love you!