Your problems are worthy of attention!

Experiencing tragic or even catastrophic events in life brings a lot of terror and despair in one’s life. But it doesn’t mean that other people don’t go through the negative traumatic situations that may severely affect them in many ways. No one’s experience should ever be discounted. What sounds like nothing to one, may be the most devastating to another. We will never understand it fully. Because we are completely different in our history, the way we were raised, perceptions, beliefs, culture, relationships with others as well as those subtle subconscious processes that make us so unique. We can’t compare , we can simply listen and empathize.. We all struggle, we all go through pain, we all cry, we fight and try to control what’s completely out of our control, we all fail at something really important.

Not giving up and leaving our Spirit is the most difficult part. But remembering that everyone on our planet suffers from something, may either bring significant relief that you are not going through that nightmare alone, or may rather mean that there are other people who are, as well as us, doing their absolute best to find their way to feel better, to find the way to feel happy, safe and loved. And here from a complete separation and the feeling that we are forgotten by God, we come to a realization that maybe that suffering is a sign that we are connected and united.

And by acknowledging that despair in others we may genuinely reunify ones again. Helping each other through our suffering, celebrating small victories, being connected, experiencing unity, and unconditional love as the end result.

And, I love you!