Responsibility in life

Often we hear such notion coming from everywhere around as: “Take responsibility for everything in your life!!!”
But what does it really mean? Especially, it is troubling to understand for those, who underwent severe difficulties and traumas in their own life.
There are 2 main ways that we can look at it.

First is the easiest to grasp to those living on Mother Earth. We don’t want things to keep happening to us… If we are not responsible, then someone or something else is. That means that something can happen to us at any moment or someone can take control of our life when they desire. However, taking responsibility doesn’t mean that we will be able to successfully change the flow of events that will be taking place in our life (shit happens regardless of our power to manifest good stuff). Things that we can’t predict will happen. What we can change and control is what we are going to do with the outcome; we either give in and get stuck in a victim mode or we work through it by taking it as a given and even necessary moment in life. And when it comes to people – we have to learn to set boundaries; we can avoid a lot of disappointments if we learn to say NO and listen to our wise inner voice.

The second way is a bit more controversial, but more meaningful to many today; When it comes to our soul’s pre-birth planning, Robert Schwartz in his book “Your Souls Gift; The healing power of the life you planned before you were born” talks about all of the events in our life and our 100% participation in planning them before we came to this Earth. Our soul has to expand through our life’s experiences. And every single one of our souls must learn through lessons meaningful to them. That’s exactly why we are born with our parents, in this city and country etc. And that’s what Carolyne Myss in her book “Sacred Contracts” supports as well; she talks about our soul’s agreements with other souls in order for us to grow through life.
If we are able to learn the lessons quickly, we may avoid some other pre-planned experiences, so it proves the point that not everything was set in stone. We are able to step into our power and change a flow of some events. However, because it’s so difficult for us to learn big lessons on our own, we have to experience some shocking and at times even tragic experiences in order to grow.

Seeing a meaning in everything and understanding what role certain things play in our souls growth is a true gift.

And, I love you!