Comparing ourselves to others.

We, people, have the tendency to constantly compare ourselves to others. And, of course, when we look at our childhood we see that at first, our parents were the role models for us; they were setting a certain standard and then later in life we either try to become closer to this standard or get as far away as possible.

Many psychologists, in fact, are saying that everything in our life is based on our childhood experiences.

But, our struggles begin in our early adulthood: when we grow up and begin this inevitable competition, we believe that we have to perform better than anyone else at work, we have to be better than our partner’s former lovers or better than our beloved siblings.

As Matthew Hussey discovered that every person will be always winning you at one specific category, being better looking, being smarter, more educated, taller or more fun; the list is endless, really. And just because of that, we can give up the idea of the competition forever. Why? Because there is no comparison. Only we will ever have all of those qualities that create our personality!

And, truly “winning” doesn’t mean to be better than someone else, but to be better than we were yesterday. There’s no person on this planet that will have our talents, abilities and combination of skills and we should respect and cherish that.

So let’s make the change today: stop looking at irritating profiles of our friends on social media, starring at our fellow co-workers or other people around. We don’t know what’s happening in their life. They may have worse problems and fears than we do. So, what are the possible steps to find the true self or maybe develop one?.
And, I love you!