Life is a road

Life is a road with a lot of turns, curves, speed limits and obstacles. We may observe beautiful scenery outside of our window, or a stormy weather once in a while. No matter what, taking one day at a time and fully focusing on the road in front of us as well as the passengers sitting next to us is what is needed. The destination tomorrow is not guaranteed, as we don’t know if we will hit the traffic, will be stopped by a police or will be slowed down by a construction site. Or may be we will have another passenger getting into our car who will ultimately change our destination while asking us to give them a ride.

We are in power to decide what music to listen to, either we use the time to connect with other people in the same car or to be distracted with the phone. We chose the style we drive or even who has the wheel at this moment. Most importantly, we have to remain mindful of our environment, our car and not to forget to have a service done on time!

Living now is the only promise!

And, I love you!