When it's time for a change…

When we feel like it’s the time for a change, we may find it extremely hard. The old ways will persist, and establishing new habits would be uncomfortable at first. Everyone will have their “demons” to get along with, and their “angels” to reconnect to. Here are some ideas how to make this process less of a pain.
    Giving up all of our social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and spending hours and hours on the internet. This is a BIG one: trying to have it off at least for a week first. But with that, a lot of free time and better self-esteem are promised.

    Reducing the amount of time that we spend watching TV, reading newspapers, and listening to the news. Yes, there are a lot of terrible things that are happening around the world, but us stressing out about it – will not change a thing except our own mental state and mood. If we want to feel better and/or to be happy – we have to let go of anything that is not directly connected to us. At least for a time of a great RESET.

    Finding interesting books about self -development or about Spiritual Development, and reading everyday at least few pages (for a start). It’s not too much but will definitely make a difference in our consciousness. Especially, if we never believed in anything like that: let’s try to explore new ways of seeing the world, new perspectives, new vision, new people. As an alternative, we can listen to audiobooks as they are a good companion on the road.

    Evaluating people around us. Are these people helpful? Do these people support us? Are we happy when they’re around? If the only thing they do is putting us down or disrespecting us or what we love, we have to let them go. We are prone to suggestibility, therefore we take a lot of things that we hear about ourselves from others as a truth. Sometimes constructive criticism can be really helpful; but when it continues without a solid reason – it will not benefit you in any way. Having healthy support is crucial for a happy life.

    Write a list of things that we really want to do. Finding something that makes us light up, that gives us butterflies in the stomach, that brings excitement and makes us get up and go. Could it be horseback riding? Could it be painting, writing? Could it be singing or making music or videos? And just DO IT! Find the time in your busy schedule.

    Doing kindness! Contributing! It will tremendously help on our spiritual path. Helping others is a fascinating and rewarding thing; it gives us a sense of integrity, gives us strength and meaning. It doesn’t matter if we are helping an older lady to cross the street or a pregnant woman to carry her bags to the car.

    Learning to detach ourselves. We have to learn to detach yourself from the desired outcome or from our possessions or sometimes from someone else in our circle. When we stick to a person or a “thing” too closely, we may disable ourselves to make our decisions based on what that we really want, because we may require a confirmation from someone else. Sometimes people want to buy more stuff to feel better, or to use some substances to escape or to enjoy the moment or to put the responsibility for their happiness on someone else by saying: “Only you can make me happy”. But none of these would make us really happy; it’s an illusion and if it will bring some satisfaction for a certain period of time – then it will probably be really short. Being able to find the happiness and peace without any external factors, will actually bring us nothing but the true fulfillment.

    Stop looking at our past. It’s gone. There is no reason to look at it.. And it’s easier said than done – but consciously refocusing our mind on what’s important NOW – is the only way. If it was a tragic event, we might need more time to heal; we can take as much as we need. However, being stuck in the past helped no one.

    Now share with us your strategies for growth. What do you do to be better? To feel better? To make better choices? What is your secret to success? What was your turning point to begin working on yourself?.
    And, I love you!