Why such exaggeration??

There are many people nowadays, who love to exaggerate their feelings towards other people. And by no means, we do love one another.. Unconditionally… Very deep inside.. In some instances, very VERY deep inside..

But it’s OK to not shower another person with compliments, screaming words of love if that love is not present at this moment.. We start to communicate those lies and then experience dissonance internally since that’s really not our naked truth…

It’s OK to stay away from those who we don’t feel connected to.. it’s OK to not engage with them at all!! There are many people in this world who we should stay away from.. Like criminals of the worst kinds; we wouldn’t probably say to a serial killer how big a joy and a blessing he/she is.. Would we?..

It’s always better to be true to one self and others… Not all the humans are here to make a significant difference in our lives. With some people, distinguished boundaries should be shared. Accepting them in this world is the same as accepting ourselves in it, that’s unconditional positive regard and respect for that natural flow of life welcoming every individual in it. But it doesn’t mean we are letting them in OUR life. And don’t force yourself to say things that are not genuine. Remember, untruthfulness will vibrationally penetrate every single word we speak. It will cause self-sabotage.. It’s better to spend some time with our family and true friends.. how often do we shower them with compliments and say how magnificent they are and and how blessed we are to have them?? We can probably do better.

And, I love you!