The sin of the relationships

One of the biggest “sins” of the relationships is to feel entitled of the partner doing you favors. When we just meet someone we like so much, every gesture of kindness and attention seems like a lot. With time, we become even closer and when the relationship is established, our roles within this bond have changed. We find ourselves having more responsibilities and obligations to one another and that’s also normal as any relationship follows a natural flow of transformation through time.

However, there is a small human error exists that all of us are prone to; getting used to the good stuff quickly. All of those things that in the beginning of the relationship were the greatest signs of attention are now perceived as a regular routine. Because they are done with predictable consistency, we begin to feel entitled to them and when it’s not done on our schedule we may get quite disappointed. We begin not only take it for granted, but also expect another person to take complete care of this relationship.. And when we are so fixated on other people to exceed our expectations, we begin to neglect our own.. here, conflicts with blame and pointing fingers may suddenly appear.

What’s important is to appreciate even the smallest gestures done by our loved ones. But for that we need to be aware of our relationship, and to be present.

There is a big difference between your partner adhering to his/her obligations within the family and expecting them to be the reason of this relationship succeeding… They can also never be the source of your happiness. No one will take care of you better than you and no one really has to.

And, I love you!