Things vs. Life

What happened to us in this lifetime?.. “Life has changed” someone said. Yes, indeed.. Together with our values and priorities…Inanimate objects are now what we all desire… As the quote goes, “Things were created to be used, and people were created to be loved. But today, people are being used and only things are being loved.”

We will suffer from depression, yet still believing that our life’s choices are not contributing to its misery..

We work so hard to get our status, open a business, prove “them” wrong, get rid of what we don’t like: job, partner, shoes, car…

We stopped appreciating having someone special who cares…

We call our loved one just for the sake of showing attention and are not truly interested in what they have to say… We take them for granted.

We lie to ourselves about our own intentions..

This is dedicated to those who are “old-fashion” in the way of how we set our priorities in life. In the midst of those who don’t care we will stand out till the day we take our last breath.

You are reading this. And You care the same way we do. Don’t give up. Don’t ever change your values for anything materialistic..

Because by the end of it all you will proudly say “My life has a meaning”…

And, I love you!