Tenderness in our relationships

Tenderness in our relationships. For those, who have been in one relationship for a little while, it’s surprising and at the same time not so much, what big of a change we experience from the initial and exiting flight up to the present and, a lot of times, disappointing moment. In many cases, a long term commitment or a marriage becomes a burden, where we treat each other unexplainably and unreasonably harsh. We stop attending to each other’s needs and have only “my way or no way”. And then the words and actions may hurt another worse than any other weapon…. while meeting the love of our life was the most cherished and sacred event at its very beginning.

Relationships are a lot of work, especially those with our romantic partner. And the work that has to be done in order to make it better can never be described in one single message and will not be attempted here either; it’s daily duties of both parties involved. Today, there are way to many relationship coaches and therapists getting out of their skin by trying to provide innovative methods to improve relationships of the struggling couples.

However, sometimes it’s important to get back to the basics and simplicity; few practices discussed here can bring a positive change when done consistently.

1. Being mindful every time we talk or are near each other. Being conscious about what, how, and when we say things to each other.

2. Paying full attention when another is talking. The biggest gift we can give to one another is to be fully present when others open up their soul, which is pretty much every single time we open our mouth. Besides, we should always treat others the way we want to be treated, so if we want to be heard, we should listen.

3. Being gentle with our words, actions, movements, presence. We often start with such incredible tenderness in the beginning and then, throughout struggles of our daily life, we completely forget how to do so; emanating love, compassion, pure appreciation and understanding. And the most important moments to practice that are our very own relationships. Romantic or otherwise. Unfortunately, we all neglect it.

And, I love you!