“You show up for those you love, even when they are being an ass”

Today, one of my clients in crisis told me these words as what she teaches her son (disregarding the “ass” part of course). She struggles with neglect from her current partner and is going through a recovery after hand surgery; she received no understanding nor support from him. However, despite all of that she continued to watch over his house and his pets besides taking care of her own separate household.
I found this to be an amazing life’s lesson, as we could probably all learn from that. At times, we don’t even realize how arrogant we can be with those we love, when they don’t fulfill our needs the way we want or expect. We practice entitlement more than giving, which doesn’t help our relationship, nor the way we feel.

When we were kids (well, most of us), we kept giving and sharing and we loved it!! When we grew up, we learned that not everyone is being kind back and appreciative of the good deeds, and we distance ourselves.
Sometimes, it’s good to have the following practice in place.

Take a day (or more), to complete the wishes and/or small favors of your loved one. Just serving them with what they need will help bring peaceful atmosphere and create the balancing relationship. Practicing humanness towards others is priceless.

Appreciating and not taking for granted any and all acts of kindness within the relationship is also crucial for its success.
What practice helps you build better relationship between you and your partner?

And, I love you!