Stop saying garbage!

There is so much hatred in some people, the way they talk to others, or how some may spend their time sending negative comments to people… Imagine that everything you are about to say you are saying to yourself, would you still proceed? If so, there is probably a significant gap in self-love, if it even exists at this moment. If there is nothing good to say- say nothing. Why would anyone want to share garbage with others through their thoughts, words and actions instead of spreading love? What’s missing in their life? What bothers them and what’s their biggest fears? When did they lose their love?

We are magnificent and extraordinary beings, who know nothing and yet know all the secrets of the universe. It’s embedded in our DNA. It’s in every cell of our body. ️

We are no special and very special at the same time. We are those courages spirits that consciously plan the struggles in life that will teach us hard lessons and through those hard lessons – the great wisdom. Because that’s how eager we are to expand our souls. The worse our experience the better our “comeback” will be. And by seeking the balance between those lifetimes, we build those divine strategies towards awakening in such matter that is fair and will allow all of the participants to experience growth.

Staying humble with such knowledge is another lesson to be learned, but when discovered, it’s our mission to deliver it to others..

And, I love you!