OVERthinking is OVERrated

It is so sad to see how often we get caught up in our daily routine… we tend to OVERthink, OVERstress, OVERanalyze, OVERgeneralize, then OVERreact, OVEReat, OVERdrink, OVERsmoke, well.. you get the idea.. and then we UNDERestimate ourselves because our problems are not just big, they are so huge that are completely out of our control.

Life doesn’t have to be so complicated.. there are so many simple things that may bring the amount of joy that we don’t get even by achieving our dreams… Looking at the sunset, being with nature, spending time at a pet store (that’s more for me;) just walking can be so therapeutic… We don’t HAVE to do all the things our ego needs in order to be acknowledged.. We don’t HAVE to fulfill someone’s expectations of how our life should look like… And all of us have that wisdom within to know exactly what we need in order to feel better.. We just have to listen to our inner wisdom rather than external whining.. and to connect to that unlimited force of light, just because we can do so at any moment we don’t have to do it on our own ..

And, I love you!