Judgement and what the hell we need it for??

How do you feel about judgement? It’s everywhere and in everyone. We are taught that others are different from us. Thus we tend to judge what we don’t understand. We criticize others for being who they are, especially if their lifestyle, culture, habits, clothes, education etc. are not what we think is right or what’s supposed to be.

In reality, we don’t even know what these people have to fight with every day, how much struggle they have. What does judgement say about us? When we criticize others we automatically fall to the lowest level of being, wherever that is.

Self-fulfilled people don’t even notice that someone is different from them. When we are happy, we accept everything and everyone. This is a life long process and requires practice. Each time we allow negative thought towards someone else to come before respect, we have to correct it immediately by remaining that each time we criticize someone we will only feel worse about ourselves.

It’s important to feel good about ourselves and respect lives of others even if they are so much different from our own.

️Affirmation for today: I have my personal space where is only understanding and peace.

And, I love you!