Power growing from Love!

When we say the word power, how do we define it? We see it on tv, in politics, social media, promoted by influential figures where the power becomes a primary topic, a desirable goal. But we don’t realize that the definition of power as we know it is an illusion in most cases. Who is the boss, which nation is stronger, what position one has, and so on. Wrong… Power must be rooted in love. Perhaps it’s not the conventional belief or an accepted norm by those trying to dominate others. When the power is not rooted in love, it becomes destructive, egocentric, one-sided, manipulating and demanding. And such loveless power will die with the person who has it; it may not grow into something productive and long-lasting, because it was meant to be only for the time being and just for the sake of those who owns it.

And love without power may become a fragile sacrifice, weepy and oppressed.

When power is rooted in love, it becomes a magnificent life force, that serves the one who has it and is abundantly shared with others, because it flows freely from all of the people involved in it. It supports, stands strong, embraces, fears nothing, grows with and through others, guides, contributes, motivates, inspires, honors, well, the list is much longer than that. And that is in everyone of us; power rooted in love. By finding love in us, we need to learn to truly love ourselves every day. After we love ourselves deeply, we will find that inner power, which has to be consistently taken care of, to be developed fully and fertilized with love often️.

The more people with power rooted in love, the more positive changes in lives of many will happen. It’s in our DNA and we can use it for the highest good of all!

And, I love you!