Let’s uncover our truth!

Why are we wearing masks so often? What are we afraid of?

When we were kids, we used to exhibit our true emotions easily. We laughed, we cried, we said things that we may regret, but we did It! Through our experiences we learn what to say and what not, or that crying is a weakness and we keep everything inside not knowing how harmful all of those emotions are. We put the masks to pretend we are ok. A lot of times we do it to show our strength, just like nothing can break me! When in reality, the best way to heal from a serious wound is to express the pain it brings.

As an exercise, try to really experience all of your emotions for a day and see how you control or suppress many of them. Don’t overthink what you should experience and what not. Just be present with yourself throughout the day and observe how emotional reaction arise, or how you may get stuck with the one specific thought. Keep a journal if needed.

And, I love you!