Imperfection is scary…

We are afraid to be imperfect… we were raised in the society that tells us that we have to strongly stand for what we believe is right… but all we believe is right is what we’ve accumulated through our lifetime. It starts with the way we were raised (which is our parents beliefs). Then our personal experiences as well as the news we are constantly surrounded by, which, for the most part, are filled with tragedy.

We find ourselves in all sorts of arguments with others as soon as our interests and/or lifestyles clash. And there, in the middle of a fight, we suddenly realize that we actually may be wrong (depending on a subject or a situation), but we are way too far into proving our point and just can’t so easily admit being incorrect..

Making mistakes means being a human. Acknowledging our mistakes means being a strong human. Cause only a strong person may admit that to oneself and others. Being imperfect puts us at risk of no longer being the “all knowing God”.. and that’s ok, cause we are humans this lifetime and no one has all the answers.

Making mistakes is a part of the process, that’s exactly how we learn about our Godliness️ and that’s how we learn about who we are this lifetime and beyond. Embracing our imperfections and mistakes liberates our humanness from struggling to have it always right.

And, I love you!