Make your thoughts FEEL

How do we get to be present? A simple observation can be made when we go to a movie theater; we watch an actor fully enjoying the water in the shower, or being fully relaxed in the bed after a long day.. However, how often do we feel the same pleasure from a simple shower or by just laying in bed? We experience it better while watching it happen in a movie rather than in real life. It’s very simple, we are not present in our life as we are emerged in an actor’s life in a film. Our brain doesn’t distinguish if we are actually doing something or observing someone doing it.

When we go through our everyday routine, our thoughts are everywhere but here; that’s called a monkey mind as many of us know from personal experience.

What kind of pleasure can we get from an amazing relaxing bath, when our thoughts are storming with the countless tasks of tomorrow? Or even worse, when we are concerned about something from the past that we obviously cannot change?

Following our thoughts and where they are taking us is crucial if we want to experience happiness more than just on a special occasion.. We have to become conscious about what we are doing, then every activity will have a meaning and every experience will bring a pleasure. For that, we need to be aware of our thoughts and be mindful. When we learn to bring our mind together, we will generate much more energy to go through life, instead of spending it all on unnecessary worries about the future or hopeless concerns of the past. We begin to feel more and, therefore, we learn the way of the heart.

Find the methods of meditation and/or mindfulness that serve you! And Cognitive therapy can be another great way to change your thought patterns!

And, I love you!