Social Media Obsession or is it a Zombie apocalypse?

Looking at the social media and people who like to use it, it’s sad to realize that all of our fears became true. Zombie apocalypse is real and it’s in full effect at this very moment. Although it’s exhibited in another form rather than commonly known dead bodies walking, it’s still very damaging and kills people on the go.

Social Media Obsession.

So much time wasted, so many likes given to the things we don’t even like, so many “friends” accepted or followed for the wrong reasons. Are we really interested in what is going on in lives of others? Not really. May be in lives of few, but definitely not in thousands. We follow this fashion of #followforfollow #likeforlike just to get more people, who follow us back and thus enlarge our EGO. However, in reality these people are not really interested in what is going on in our life. They are in their own pursuit to enlarge their EGO. When they like your pictures or posts, then you like them back, right?? Are you really interested in what is going on in their life? Nor at all..

Such people as life coaches, psychologists, wellness coaches or public figures are often use their “power” and “popularity” to change lives of others. And that’s a wonderful thing to do. But by looking at 102nd selfie of the day it’s painful to realize that this is the only way we challenge ourselves these days.

It’s great to feel important. But what happens when we are not?

Do we realize the severity of seeking importance?? People can do literally anything to get the sense of being popular. However, instead of being popular because of how many lives you saved or contributions you made to the society, we get more likes for the bare assess and sexiness, which is inappropriately shown almost in every 2nd picture.. So by seeing what people like, we decide that to get more likes that what we should show. LET’S STRIP DOWN PEOPLE!!!

And when we are not as popular as sexy models, who post 3 times daily their naked sexy bodies, we become depressed and sad.. What else can we do to enlarge our EGO?? Some fanatics of pursuing popularity can even experience mental illness from being rejected after long time of trying… Because if you are not important on the social media like Facebook or Instagram what can you do with your life??? You can write a book, spend time with your family, do your job better, get an education, open a business or just read something that will make you a better person.. And much more..

Buying followers or likes?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?????

There are plenty of companies now that are able to help you enlarge your ego by simply providing you with the fake followers to make you feel important. So you pay your money to live an illusion of having thousands of people who follow you… Are you serious?? The people who work in such companies are brilliant. They make thons of money on those, who suffer from being unpopular and unnoticed. This is just extremely sad. No matter how many likes or followers you buy, you can never buy respect and real interest in what you do. So why bother??

We like to be important. We want to be noticed. We want to be liked by others. And that’s fine. But become obsessed with it will not bring long lasting feeling of satisfaction. We need a quick fix and post whatever we eat, we see or how we look at this moment. We spend more time on impressing others than we spend do develop ourselves.

And the saddest part of it all is that we ourselves created this fashion and continue to blindly follow it by showing to others who wonderful our life is.

People, who are truly happy, don’t have time to be on social media and follow the crowed; they are busy building their reality and being truly happy.


And, I love you!