Your Soul is on vacation today!

Feels like there is no meaning, you feel trapped and all alone?? You are on the right track!

If you didn’t become a millionaire it doesn’t mean that you are not important or your experiences are not extraordinary. Life is a vacation that our soul goes on to expand and grow. Every experience is an opportunity. And no matter what you do in life, fixing cars, serving as a cashier, taking care of your parents, with just one word or action we can change someone’s life. Everyone of us is here to make a difference. That’s our soul’s purpose. And when we don’t live in accordance with that- we will suffer greatly. Every imbalance we face is an opportunity to bounce back. And re-balance; to find the equilibrium between the two worlds of humans and the angelic beings that we are. We get bombarded with celebrity lives, where a perfect picture is depicted. And that’s their life and it has meaning to them; for their souls to experience exactly that and to grow and expand in this lifetime. But that will have no meaning to us if we were to live it, as we have to find the purpose our soul is longing for and has planned before our birth. And if there is no meaning at this moment, take your time. Change is coming. Meaning is coming. When we start to question our suffering; the process of healing is fully ACTIVATED!! Be gentle with yourself and watch for Divine signs. But we have the right of freedom to act upon those signs and insights. Trust your soul and ask for guidance if you need to.

And, I love you!