Vulnerability is scary…

Why are we so scared to appeared as awkward? Many times a day we put up a show to convey a message of who we are not… We are afraid to be perceived in the way different from a socially accepted stereotype. Society created it as a standard to how a “strong” person should be like.

Vulnerability is what makes us real. It exposes our soul, our true being. It’s just who we are. By taking the mask off we may seem different from that “powerful” stereotype created by “the greatest”. But the right people can only be attracted to who we are inside and not to who we are so desperately trying to portray. Being vulnerable means being real and true. And that takes courage. That takes guts.

So where is the true strength? It’s in ability to go against those artificial stereotypes, taking the masks off and being who we REALLY ARE. Talking as who we really are, laughing as who we really are, crying as who we really are.

And, I love you!