Stereotypes!! Again…!

Stereotypes… This topic will never get old…

There are so many cases where people can be immediately and unreasonably judged for something.. For instance, if you are pretty or an athlete – you have no brains. If you don’t have a college education- you are not intelligent. If you don’t go to church – you will go to hell. If you don’t have a lot of money – you didn’t succeed. If you are a scientist- you can’t be artistic. There are so many more.

Those stereotypes are so deeply rooted in people’s consciousness that almost nothing can brake that chain. But isn’t this story already too old?? Why do we impose that on others and on ourselves after all? We get stuck to those ideas enforced by society and don’t want to grow and to adopt some new concepts, more updated and relevant. We stick to one label and follow it to the rest of our lives! Go and enjoy your life fully!!

Simple homework can consist of taking your childhood dream and DOING it!!! For example, if you always wanted to sing – do it! It doesn’t matter if you have a good voice or not, the idea is to break that IDEA that you can’t sing because of something. And you may even be deeply surprised with your skills and talents!

Do something that no one expects you to do! Just because you can! Let’s put our judgement to rest and be what we want to be!

Just remember that You are amazing! Do everything you love!! Always!! No matter how controversial it might be!

And, I love you!