Being stuck in victim mode…

All of us met those people who don’t want to change. I was one of them. It feels that we get that “secondary gain” if we continue to stick to our problem. Would people still pay attention in the same capacity if we get better? If we stop talking about our horrors would others still understand how much it hurts and how hard it is for us? Are we going to lose other sorts of gains like financial assistance because we are struggling with some sort diagnosis and have to play along? Or many of us experience fear of success as other people may hate us for that? Sometimes we don’t subconsciously feel safe to leave our current state of mind, since everything outside of it is unknown and, therefore, scary… And with time passed, we begin to be bored, yet sticking to that old problem. We are not able to get out of it, since it’s now our habit because we did it for way too long, yet the same time we can’t live like this any more as it’s tiring to be a victim all the time. Change will come only with our 100% desire to move forward and initiate healing that we are longing for. We don’t even need to know where we start; all we need is just the desire to change and trust in the higher energies that everything we need will come our way at the right moment. Just striving for a change and having an open heart and mind will bring us to a much better and more fulfilling life.

And, I love you!