Why don’t we pray now?

Prayer… In her book “The power of prayer”, Carolyne Myss provides solid arguments about why, when and how to use a prayer in our daily lives.

We stopped praying because we loudly scream about us not belonging to any religion. And that’s fine. But what is prayer after all? It’s a sacred ritual that one may use in order to connect to that vital energy, God, Universe, Unconditional Love (you name it). Mother Teresa did it with devotion every day of her life, so did Jesus and many other spiritual influential people. Many of us believe that we are so over any religion and praying is overrated. We are willing to chant positive affirmations EVERY day in order to gain something “I am wealthy, I am happy, I am confident, Etc.” Doing visualizations and other mental work. Instead of surrendering and offering ourselves as servants to that Great Universal Energy…

Since when did we become so ignorant?.. I definitely reconsidered what praying means for me… It’s a sacred ritual that allows me to remember who I am, and where I came from before I was born; to remember all of those who are forgotten and all of those who need healing; to remember all of the things I did wrong through the day and to ask not for things, but for the clarity and guidance to do better tomorrow… As we all need some help to do so! ️

And, I love you!