Falling into the arms of a blissful Universe

How often do we let the things get to us? And not only we allow this to happen, we decide to dwell on them for a little while. Of course, human life is fascinating and there are many things to learn and to experience, which include good and bad, pleasure and pains, so that we know the separation and then oneness of everything and all. Experiencing pain is a beautiful part of our human existence, it’s a great teacher. As kids, we experience pain, we let it out right away through crying and screaming, and, in 5 minutes, we already forgot this ever happened; we smile and laugh again, we feel happy.

However, as adults, we decide to hide pain, accumulate it and let it affect us in many different ways. We often let negative events prevail and drag us down, until we experience them on a cellular level; it’s like a disease consuming our thoughts, feelings, and body. We begin to store every and all negative emotions inside; we attract them and decide to keep them.

Then our actions will follow; when our behaviors come from pain and not from the Higher Self; they become hurtful.

If the pain reaches that level, it helps to remember one thing, that as a fearful child we can always jump into the arms of our all loving Mother Universe.. It’s always here for us to help us heal. It’s here for us to take away all the human pain and struggles after we learn what we need from it; nothing lasts forever unless we allow it. We can be free from that what no longer serves us and can experience complete clarity and bliss through surrender and dedication. At any point, we can be gifted the true way of the heart to know the true essence that runs with the blood through our veins. The only thing we forget is to ask, as we were granted the most powerful gift of choice. Meditate, go within, pray.

And, I love you!