Let me OUT….

How many of us are struggling to be sitting at home today?… In 4 walls?… What a suffering.. Or is it really?
It feels like this situation forced many of us to look within; to be comfortable while motionless, to be self-sufficient while our activities seem limited. 
Even though many of us would also love to visit some natural sites right about now, I am unpleasantly surprised by how many people complain during this crisis. Many wish for this “horror” to end and to go back to the previous reality… But where we lived before ain’t the reality at all… 
What do you see when you close your eyes? Is it a nothingness? Boredom? Even darkness? Or it’s serenity and peace? The entrance of light and insights? 
This time is teaching us a great lesson. To be at peace with ourselves. To be humbled. To be able to look within and see the beauty of our inner world, because that’s the only place that is real. Remember, that’s how Buddha became such an example for the world and for endless generations to come. 
If we don’t learn to tune into and indulge this moment, we may never be happy with anything that we receive in life from the outside world. 
The outside reality is ever-changing, unstable, competitive and unexpected (we can clearly see it now). When we lose a sense of superficial control we think we possess in life, we escape a prison that was built by us for years. Then we enter the real flow of the universal mind within ourselves and that’s where the magic of truth resides. 
Current self-isolation is nothing compared to a mind-prison we build for ourselves through our habits, media, beliefs…. 
So let’s get out! 
And, I love you!