What is Forgiveness?

What is forgiveness and how resentment affects us?

Many people throughout life experience events that bring us sorrow, sadness, resentment, and sometimes even anger or rage. Everyone has something bad to remember, someone else to blame and get stuck in the past by finding a valid reason to remain a victim of this situation.

And yes, some things that happened to people are extremely wrong, and life can be unfair, and we all have the right to feel sorry for ourselves or blame others for what they’ve done. But unfortunately, all of those things are affecting only us after all… And other people might not even know what damage they actually did.

All of that sorrow that is already placed inside of our hearts for a long time continues hurting because we don’t want to let it go. We remember it with full range of emotions, which eventually brings us back and hits us hard again by unfolding the hurtful memories. And each time when we bring it back, we unconsciously make the situation worse and add other emotions to it by analyzing it again and again. Therefore, by the end of our blame trip we are not only the victims of this “crime”, but also think like the predators ourselves, with a strong desire to punish the offenders and bring the justice back! And we want to do it in the most horrible way possible.. So, here we have a range of negative emotions that are circling inside of us and no good comes our way… And we think to ourselves: “Why is this happening to me again?…”

We can’t change the past. It’s there and it will be there with us as long as we continue to hold on to it. But it will not hunt us if we don’t give our consent to it. Instead we can use our past to learn from it about the event itself and our emotions and feelings, and grow from it by realizing how much stronger we are now and how many people we can relate to and even help eventually.

So what is forgiveness? It’s letting yourself go from those unpleasant feelings of sadness, inevitability, resentment, blame, guilt, anger or rage and replacing them with letting go, by acquiring courage, bravery, strength, kindness, love and spirituality, because all of us will grow in so many directions by allowing ourselves to let go. Louise Hay explained that forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person, and it takes place inside, where we forgive and let go.

When the thought of our past crosses our mind we can say the following affirmation: “I salute the divinity in everyone. I let go of this thought as it’s no longer a danger for me. I am growing every day and forgive everything and everyone from my past. And I forgive myself for the moments of weakness and let myself be free from any negative emotions inside. I see the divine meaning in everything and thank the Divine Source for walking this path with me.”

There are many stages which we have to go through in order to let go of those emotions that affect our ability to live a happy life. The realization that we can actually do something about it – is the first step. And yes, it may take a lot of years, but it is possible to let it go and grow even stronger and become happier every day. And then one day we can help others like us.

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And, I love you!