Divinity is our last name!
We have troubles realizing is that we are an extension of the universe and are here for a short period of time to just live and learn. Our souls are going through a series of pre-planned events in order to expand!

And although in many cases it's important for us to take an action, there is no need to trying to force our way through. Because we have an infinite wisdom and knowledge inside, all we need to do is trust in it and know that we are being guided even if nothing is happening.

As Wayne Dyer said, there is time to be ahead and time to be at peace. However, our society promotes forcing our way through life in order to gain something. And many experience severe struggle staying still. But only through the stillness we are able to experience the whole beauty of our souls, and only through the silence we can truly hear.

Sometimes we just need to be here.. And to let go. If it comes back – it's yours. If not, it never was.

And, I love you!