Meditation is a way to reconnect with our True and Higher Self. It's the space that we go to in order to find answers for any questions we may have, to recharge, and to transcend the reality for just a bit.

Countless forms of meditation exist. We connect with our subconscious in order to bring long-lasting change from the inside out. Only by achieving a transcendent state, we are able to shift unhealthy habits that we formed throughout the years.

Our mind is a great tool that is here for us to use. But instead, we are often used by it. Meditation allows us to become more aware of everything that is going on within our body, and to learn to live our life mindfully.

Today, mindfulness is used by many professionals in the field of psychology and mental health. There is substantial evidence that emphasizes multiple benefits of a conscious and intentional living. It was found effective in cases of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders.

We run most of our lives on autopilot, we become the victims of circumstances that trigger emotional reactions in us, and we respond to it the only way we know how. Most of the times, those ways simply don't work as they are based on our past experiences and not our present… When we become mindful of ourselves and our environment, and gently observe our lives, we are able to CHOSE how to respond to everything around, and not to simply react.

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