EFT is a new age stress-relief technique that allows you to process negative emotional responses associated with past or current traumas. It ranges from severe emotional pain and such issues as grief, break up, etc., up to weight loss problems as well as some types of physical pain.* When tapping and affirming current problems we are moving energy throughout our body and releasing blocks created by a variety of negative emotions such are anger, frustration blame, guilt, sorrow, sadness, grief, etc.

This technique is a combination of talk therapy as well and tapping on acupuncture points, the only difference is that we don't use any needles; instead, we tap on acupressure spots.

It's a powerful tool and may serve as an excellent self-help strategy to use every single day.

This experimental technique was found effective by many people when looking for solutions to resolve their personal and health-related problems when Western medicine fails. It's actively used in hospital of Japan as it gracefully compliments provided medical services.
*This technique is NOT a substitute for Physical Therapy or Mental health counseling sessions.
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